:: Tutorial Fixed annoucement :: Online Address Book ::

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:: Tutorial Fixed annoucement :: Online Address Book ::

Post  waleedbarakat on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:20 am

:: Tutorial Fixed annoucement :: Online Address Book ::

Waleed Barakat - 09:00am Jun 19, 2008 Pacific

Hello everyone, i am sorry for broken links that you faced while browsing my tutorial :: online Address Book ::

now i fixed this one and you can see it's features and try it too with pleasure...

Hello everyone...
- in this explanation i`ll tell you the main issus this script built on, first i thought if i can made a script can manage online contacts and gather them all in one place, also the ability to share it with my friends.

- i saw many huge scripts doing such objectives, and said why not, i have the tools and with hard work i can do it by myself, and it done.

Feature List:
- Use of the Confidential data and public data in your profile.
- Group your contacts in lists. "new"
- the script has contact`s counter for every group.
- Total Counter for your contacts.
- Using dynamic Lists to manage you contacts.
- A new way to Use Forms in multiple Insert and update manners.
- Add your Online Contact`s information.
- Email your contacts immediately from this script by using "Send Email Trigger".
- Add Your Job careers and complete information about yourself.
- Upload your Photo.
- update your information any time.

and many many other features really you have to see it.
also it`s available for download

[now i put in your hands a new generation address book script that created specially with ADDT`s great tools.

:: Online Demo ::

:: View Features List ::

by: http://www.developer-online.com


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