Tutorial Fixed Announcement :: Building Mailbox System ::

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Tutorial Fixed Announcement :: Building Mailbox System ::

Post  waleedbarakat on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:20 am

Tutorial Fixed Announcement :: Building Mailbox System ::

Waleed Barakat - 08:24am Jun 20, 2008 Pacific

Hello everyone...
am sorry because i cannot finish this tutorial now adays, but i promise i`ll do in the near future, this because of busy time.

- Please accept my apologize...
- but i`ll tell you some features about this mailbox system structure...

Features List:

1- Insert message into 2 tables using link transactions sb, into "inbox - outbox" at the same time.

2- Ability to save messages in your "saved messages box". keeping it even if original message deleted.

3- Read - unread messages notice.

4- Counter for all messages "inbox - outbox - saved messages - all messages"

* and much more options only discovered by trying the application...

- Database structure:
- database structure is complicated some how but with some analysis you will find it so easy...

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