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Post  waleedbarakat on Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:21 pm

Hello everyone...
Today in this tutorial we will learn how to Query database with Dreamweaver CS3 advanced Recordset Filter, Retrieving all posted articles from database depending on the day when it posted on the "Startdate_arc", or hide all articles if the end date comes "Enddate_arc".

Also you can post new articles today and publish it next week, next month, next year, in your website as you wish. by selecting a date when it published on, so it will be completely hidden from your website visitors untill the publish date comes, then they can read it, comment it etc...

Also you can define when this articles ends on, or expires on, all expired articles will be completely hidden from your website visitors when defined expiration date comes.

Note: Articles will not completely deleted from database, but it will remain archived as a reference untill you delete it permanently from database, Quering advanced recordset gives you many options to retreive custom data from your database.

Our application today will not be different from the "News system" i made before, the sequence of adding categories, posting new articles, building dynamic lists and building dynamic form is the same.

Also there is an advanced search engine attached within this application allowing visitors to search archived articles, by selecting the date when the articles posted on, and the date when it expires on, or they can choose a wide range of search by selecting period from time to time to search archived articles.

As i always accustomed in every tutorial i made, i make it`s own live example to proof my explination.

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