Tutorial Announcement .:: Building Advanced News System ::.

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Tutorial Announcement .:: Building Advanced News System ::.

Post  waleedbarakat on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:12 am

Tutorial Announcement .:: Building Advanced News System ::.

Waleed Barakat - 04:29am Jun 1, 2008 Pacific

Hello everyone...

This time i just created a new tutorial, this tutorial about :: creating simple "News" system. this news system will help you to post mos recent news to feed your website.

also within this application there is a comments system attached, that will give the ability to your site visitors to post there comments for every news they read.

this tutorial is too long, or might be huge a little and devided into 4 sections but i`ll tell you what, it's very amazing, specially when you try it online, you have full control for the entire system which consists on:
- Control User accounts.
- Control Posted news.
- Control Visitors comments.
- Approve or disapprove comments.

- Everything is going dynamically, specially when using "URL" parameters to show and hide form and thanks messages after a new comment posted...

| :: View Tutorial :: | :: Online Demo :: |

- for more dreamweaver developer toolbox please visit:

- http://www.developer-online.com


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