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:: New Discovered Trick :: "Show_thumbnails" SB ::

Post  waleedbarakat on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:14 am

:: New Discovered Trick :: "Show_thumbnails" SB ::

Waleed Barakat - 11:39am Jan 16, 2008 Pacific

hello every one.
- If you annoyed about the auto Resized thumbnails name that automatically created with the Resize Dimensions name when using show_thumbnails SB. this auto created name looks like this:
let`s say our image name flowers.jpg or other extension it doesn`t matter here.
so the thumbnails name will be flowers_80x80.
that is too annoying specially when you want to use this auto created thumbs in the forums that uses [bbCode] as a link to the original full image. - Now if you point to the thumbnails file name within the thumbnails Folder using the [bbcode] code:

- then the dimensions 80x80 after the thumbnails name will link you to nothing.

** the solution:
- Open the includes folder goto >>> tng >>> triggers >>> tNG_DynamicThumbnail.class.php
- Switch to code view.
- Browse down to line 442.
- The original code looks like this:
- $thumbnailName = $path_info['filename'].'_'.$width.'x'.$height.(isset($path_info['extension'])?'.'.$path_info['extension']:'');
* All what you have to do is to remove the logic that creats the resize dimensions after each created thumbnail so it must looks like this after removing the logic:
- $thumbnailName = $path_info['filename'].(isset($path_info['extension'])?'.'.$path_info['extension']:'');
- Now goto the thumbnails Folder and delete all old created thumbnails(Don`t worry it will be recreated automatically after opning any page contains show_thumbnails SB).
- Open any page contains show_thumbnails and see the different. no you can use it as a direct link.
** don`t forgot to backup your original file before doing any changes...

- for more dreamweaver developer toolbox please visit:

- www.developer-online.com

Have a nice time
waleed bartakat


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